What kind of shopper are you? What can you do about it?

The Bargain Huntress

bargain hunting

You hunt down deals with the eye of a hawk. You will find the lowest price in town, country and when online, the whole world. Be proud, you are awesome!

Your tools are coupons and online codes. Keep doing what you are doing.

The Research Shopper

research shopper

You spend months researching websites and stores for a particular item. You analyse to the extent you end up not buying anything. Your thrill is in the hunt and not the actual purchase.

Stop that! Life is all about taking the plunge 🙂

The Victim of Impulse

impulse shopper

You buy what your emotions tell you to. You always justify your unnecessary purchase with statements like ‘ummm where will I ever get this for that price’. You are happy then, only to regret it later when you realize you just bought something you never needed and will never use.

Go back home and think it over. If you really need it you can always go back for it. If you go back and it’s sold out, well that is not even close to being the end of the world is it?

The Negotiator

a good deal

You don’t just negotiate the price. Sometimes you argue for extra functions or more ketchup on your French fries. When you win it adds that extra feeling of achievement to your buying experience.

A great skill to have; just don’t overdo it. A man has got to make a living you know.

The Endangered Species (a.k.a. loyal shopper)

loyal shopper

You buy everything from the same store. They love you, and know all your children’s names and ages and, and…..

Get out and explore, no one will hate you for changing the scene a little. Who knows, you might get better deals elsewhere.

The Wanderer

wanderer shopper

You have no clear idea of what you want specifically. You actually enjoy the act of shopping. You have no firm budget and are likely to overspend. Are you an ideal candidate to become a shopaholic? Probably.

Make a clear plan and have a budget that you will not go over. Do your research and then only attack.


So tell us; which kind of shopper are you? Hey, maybe you are a completely different kind of shopper than we have on the list. Please share with us your shopping style and experience with shopping. If you know someone who has his or her own style of shopping share this article with them and have them comment too.