Black Friday 2018 countdown – start getting ready

No, we are not crazy; if you want to be prepared for Black Friday 2018 read here


When is black Friday 2018?

when is black friday 2018

Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving . Black Friday 2018 is on the 23rd  day of November .

How do I stay updated early on about potential deals for Black Friday 2018?

black friday sneakers

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the mob is to sign up for Black Friday ads all over the wild wild web :).

You will be doing yourself justice by signing up here too.


What are the top stores for Black Friday 2018?

research black friday deals

These are the usual suspects but make sure you do your research. There ar always some hidden treasures at other stores.


I always end up broke after Black Friday? What should I do?

broke after black friday

Simple, make a budget. Make sure you calculate the maximum you can afford to spend without getting into trouble.

Think of the very essentials first like household items you have been saving up for. Remember, you are supposed to come out of this happy; not regretful.


I love a bargain but I hate all the physical tussling during Black Friday. What options do I have?

black friday tussle

No one enjoys the long lines and the football tackles happening at stores at this time. However, the best deals are always the physical tangible products you get to take with you. Online is an alternative but has some real drawbacks during holiday shopping.

Think of:

  • Short-lived deals that are sold out within hours or even minutes
  • Websites crushing
  • Inventory deceit

If you have the time and patience, avoid the big cities and go down to smaller towns where the crowds are smaller and a bit politer.

What if I panic and end up empty handed?

empty hands on black friday

Two things:

1- Make a game plan and see where the items you want are located and when those stores open and how long the deals are valid.

2- Don’t wait for Black Friday; some really good deals are on display around the time of Thanksgiving or earlier.


There are awesome deals all over the place. I can’t get them all

black friday squad

Don’t go at it solo but get your Black Friday squad ready. Get shopping online even before the big day. Divide what remains on your team’s collective list, and go hunting in stores. But first, come up with a plan.

What I would do for instance is if there’s a limit of 2 widescreen televisions per person sale trying literally like four or five at Walmart, and I and my team need four of them, then at least two of us would show up there. Each one gets two and the day is saved.

I find it impossible to try on clothes during the Black Friday mayhem


I quote from Bruce Lee: “Be water, my friend, be water”.  When you are on the warpath forget about looking good. In fact, forget about even looking presentable. Former model Molly Sims believes in this concept because she knows how it is like to change a few dozen times in a period of 3 minutes. That is why there is no better person to advise on changing fast and changing a lot. I quote her below:

” Having a background in modeling, and always having to change in front of everyone, I am like a ninja! I can hit a sample sale and literally try four or five different outfits and it’s all because of what I am wearing.” Ene quote.

She explains her attire for Black Friday,  which  comes down basically to the following:

  • black bodysuit ( hmm convenient and relevant for the occasion)
  • seamless panties
  • a skirt that ties to the side – when you untie drops to the ground
  • fanny pack (handsfree; no handbags today; maneuver easier)
  • a fully charged phone  (goes into the fanny pack)
  • a card holder with your debit card, license, credit card ( goes into fanny pack)
  • ponytail holder ( for when the going gets tough and you don’t want your hair in your face)

Wearing this Black-Friday-Black-Ninja attire allows you to try on coats, sweater, pants without even going into a dressing room ( but you should because you have dignity). However, it can help you save hours on shopping floor.

What’s the one thing Black Friday shoppers could do to make it an even more special day?

black friday

The answer is very simple. If you really want to make Black Friday work for you, buy items that rarely go on sale. That will give you an awesome opportunity at buying stuff that may feel way out of your league for most of the year. In fact, at the top of your list, you should have brands that never have sales at all.

Another great idea to make the big day worthwhile is using Black Friday to stock up on birthday gifts, wedding gifts, etc., hmmm, that way you do not have to sweat about what to get cousin Billy om his Birthday a day before.

What else can I do to be able to move around the store easier?

Black Friday shopping cart expert

Don’t use carts, especially with the crowds on that day. Carts are really bulky, difficult to maneuver around, and when you are wrestling five other people for the last Vitamix blender, you really don’t want a shopping cart legging you around. So skip the cart and add your items to your reusable shopping bag. Think of an IKEA bag, those are huge and should do the trick. You will be mobile and good to go.

Here is an infographic highlighting some of what we talked about

black friday for dummies infographic


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