Coupon deal monster – beware!

The coupon hunt started so well

coupon deal hunting

It all started innocently. I was looking for a Valentine’s Day present for my husband. I stumbled upon a website that had all these awesome deals with coupons from all over the country. At that moment I was so proud to be an American. Living in the land of the free shipping and coupon deals.

I am after all the lovechild of capitalism and the free market.

So I went to work. I browsed through all the deals. I spent hours browsing. Man, it was amazing. I think if I would have gone a few hours more, I would have even seen offers for human kidneys. That is how amazing Groupon ( oops I spilled the beans) was to me the first time around.

Monster unleashed

coupon deal monster

But hey, I needed to stop at a certain point right? But curiosity got the best of me and so I googled and found others namely:

  • Mambo Sprouts (my husband is a health food junkie – if that makes sense)
  • Ebates – they specialize in online Cash Back Shopping
  • Redplum – where you’ll find printable and load-to-card coupons

Well, that’s four out of the 6,786,887 or so websites that I visited. I was so frustrated. I was so tense and I was in a bad mood for days. Have you had a similar experience? I call this rage, this experience the coupon deal monster.

Monster tamed

coupon couple

Luckily my husband is a very understanding human being. I honestly do not know how he has put up with me all these years. He calmed me down and asked me what the matter was.  He told me that I did not matter what he got for Valentine’s day as long as we are together. A soap-opera moment right?

Lesson learned

Maybe it was because it was my first time or maybe I was just too eager.  It does not matter. What matters is that I learned a valuable lesson that week. And the lesson is: don’t get overwhelmed by the crazy deals out there. Do not turn into the coupon monster.

Happy shopping!