8 Hacks to improve your coupon and deal-hunting skills

1 Look beyond your geographical area for coupons and deals

looking for coupons

In our Black Friday 2018  article I mentioned going to smaller towns if you live in crazy New York and looking for bargains that happen around Easter and earlier. You can do the same with coupons and online deals. Look outside and broaden your horizon. You will find some crazy awesome deals.

2 Do your research

research shopping

Not everyone who puts out a deal is honest. Think of shopping deal websites that mentions a free ride to the hotel from the airport.  You would feel like a fool if you later realize that it is something that is offered to all customers regardless right?

3 Get organized

shopping online for deals

Ow man! It’s overwhelming isn’t it all the information you have to collect when you are bargain hunting isn’t it. Get organized and set a spreadsheet with your favourite current deals and reminders for expiry dates. A huntress needs her tools right?

4 Personalize your account

coupon account

If a coupon site offers you the possibility to personalize your account use it. That way you do not have to scour through everything. If y don’t feel like it, you can also choose to  filter by category or by favourite shop.

5 Say Goodbye to brand loyalty

brand loyalty bye bye

If you really want to make it as a deal hunter or coupon huntress you need to be able to accept whatever brand is featured and what’s available.

6 Buy only what you need

shopping for what you need

You can go from deal huntress, to deal addicted, to hoarder. If you do not set rules and standards for yourself, you might end up with 400 boxes of football groin protectors when you actually never played football.

7 Know that shows like ‘Extreme Couponing ‘are fake


No way on earth can you do what they show on TV. Think of limits on couponing doubling for example that they conveniently skip during filming. Such shows have actually prompted stores to become more strict to avoid customers buying too much at once.

8 Beware of Coupon Fraud

coupon fraud

Make sure you are actually dealing with a real business when couponing online. Remember, if it is too good to be true it probably is just that. This is even truer when deal hunting online.


Do you have any tips for our community? Have you had a bad experience when bargain hunting? We love to hear from you and you never know, someone, even us, could learn from your experience.